Today is a new day. A new thought process. A new day full of new actions. Today, and for the foreseeable future, I will be blogging with photos. This is to help myself become more familiarized with my new lenses, and also to keep in touch with YOU! What is this “Blogging with Photos” project? Let’s not waste any more time…



I started my day off by waking up with this new alarm clock I received for Christmas. This thing is AMAZING! It’s a sunrise alarm clock. Essentially what that means is, it wakes you up as if the sun would. The light ring starts lighting up about 30 minutes before you’re alarm is scheduled to go off. By the time your alarm DOES go off, it’s fully bright. The best part is though, it’s not abrasive. I turned over to a warm bright light and the sound of the radio. I woke up today in a much better mood and am excited to see how I feel tomorrow.



Next, breakfast. I have the same thing damn near every morning, but it never gets old. It’s a mixture of Instant Breakfast and Ovaltine. The Instant Breakfast is for the filling and the vitamins while the Ovaltine is merely there because I want my drink to taste chocolatier. No, that is not a word, but now it is. Either way… It is a great drink. And if you have little time or care a lot less about what is going in your body than other things…. This is a great choice! Lol… But really. I just don’t budget in the time to make a fantastic breakfast. So, this will do.



After that, it was time to shower. I recently received an Echo Dot from a friend of mine, kind of sporadically. But it was a gift nonetheless. I always said that I thought they were ridiculous and I wouldn’t want to rely on a piece of equipment for everything I needed. Turns out, they’re actually kind of nice… I’m not going to be using this thing to buy a bunch of stuff off of Amazon any time soon, but I’ll definitely use it to play music for me in the shower! Thank you Rebekah!




My outfit for the day. Just received the sweatshirt yesterday and was looking forward to wearing it. Turns out that the size of it is PERFECT. I look so good in this thing that it’s not even fair. (I have a big ego… Lol.) Still wearing this combo even as I’m typing this and it’s just so comfy. The story behind this sweatshirt is funny. I wear a white sweatshirt with a bunny silhouette that is filled with roses. It’s the logo for a friend of mine’s music project. My mom said to me “I was tired of the bunny”… I lost it. I laughed quite hard, but was also very appreciative of the gift.




I recorded a new video today… By the looks of it, I put this out of order… Hmmm… Oh well. Anyways, I recorded a new video explaining this project. It was the first video I have recorded in quite some time. I’ll be uploading that within the next day or so. Essentially what I talked about was recording my day in photos because I’m fascinated with photography and that I’m also a much better writer than I am a videographer. The irony being, I was recording a video to tell you that. You can find that video over at my YouTube page.




After I got out of the shower, I attempted to clean… I failed. While I did get a load of laundry done, I also found some old SD cards and started to review the footage. Looking back on old memories is great. I really need to get this stuff online so my friends can have those same memories to look at. Remind me will you?



I listed my old camera on Ebay. It’s a great camera but my priorities have changed. I’m working with a new camera that has removable lenses. And with that comes the desire for multiple lenses. I’m wanting to sell this camera in order to buy a new lens I’ve been looking at that has macro capabilities. In layman’s terms that means that it can take photos really close up… like really close… I’ll show you just how close when I finally get it. Cause it’s not IF but WHEN…



Where I lived we experienced a white Christmas for the first time in about 9 years (or so I’ve heard). Some of it had melted by today, but there was still plenty left on the ground and as you can see, on my car. It’s already cold enough to get in the car as it is, adding snow to the situation only makes it worse… But at least it’s pretty! I still love this car. I’ve only had it for a little while (few months) and I still love getting in it. I used to drive a MINI and honestly, besides the gas mileage… I don’t really miss it. I was headed out to have lunch at Moctezuma’s with a few friends. I ordered a cheese quesadilla. Just cheese. Nothing else in it. Everyone looked at me like I was strange. It was tasty.



Finally, after lunch I stopped by Barnes and Noble. Usually I spend hours in this store. Today for some reason, that wasn’t the case. I went in looking for some books on photography technique and the section was very slim. So, naturally I went to my favorite section after that: Business. I browsed for a while but didn’t really see anything worth buying or even skimming through. It was the first time in a long time that that has happened. Probably for the best. I have enough books. I don’t need more right now… ; )


That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed the photographic tour of my day! None of these images were post processed and they’re meant to be spur of the moment shots. They’re just with a great camera and a fantastic lens. I can’t wait to see what develops from the practice of shooting my day in this way. Subscribe to my email list to stay up to date on all the latest news and photos!


Till next time…



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