There’s a secret to feeling fulfilled all day, and it starts before the clock hits 8am.

It happens before the sun comes up.

It happens when you put in work before all of the bullshit happens that a typical day can bring.

It happens by getting up early.

Successful people have known this forever. It’s only recently started to make it’s way into the mainstream.

I’ve learned from experience that it makes a difference in how you feel for the day.

It helps wake up your mind.

It helps you feel like you made progress every day. Because you have.

It’s quiet in the morning. There’s no noise.

The family, the neighbors, the gardeners, the road crew, they’re all still sleeping.

While you’re getting shit done.

The morning brings with it benefits that you don’t receive at night.

You have the most focus in the morning.

At night, you’ve already been beaten up and used throughout the day.

In the morning, you’re fresh. Your mind is fresh, your body is fresh.

You have unused energy because you’ve just woken up from sleep, which is your energy refill.

You have the opportunity to put that energy towards something meaningful to you, rather than towards something that just pays the bills.

The morning is yours. You can take it by the hand and lead it wherever you like.

It’s one of the only times you have the power to control everything that’s happening.

There’s nobody awake to tell you what to do. No boss breathing down your neck.

It’s just you and the computer, the weights, the book… whatever.

There’s no need and no desire to procrastinate.

There’s nothing to put off because the day hasn’t even started yet.

There are a million benefits and only one drawback: less sleep.

Who needs sleep when you can win?

I’d rather win than sleep.

I can sleep when I’m dead.

So can you.


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