Every day you go to your un-fulfilling job and you think to yourself…

“God, why am I still here?”

You know why, but I’ll remind you.

Because you haven’t taken any action to change your situation.

You have nobody but yourself to blame.

It’s not your boss’ fault, your coworker’s fault or anybody else’s fault.

It’s yours.

Take responsibility and make a change. It’s not hard.

What do you want to do?

Do you want to be a business man? A singer? A writer? A nurse? A Computer Tech?

Whatever it is that you want to be, there’s books, classes and teachers. The information is out there, plenty you can find for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Permission?

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you want in life.

Only your own.

Are you going to spend the cash to get that website up? Are you going to take lessons to improve your skills?

Only you know.

In the meantime, while you’re sitting around wondering if you should or shouldn’t pursue your dreams…

Your boss is getting rich off of your unhappiness.

You’re putting in the hard work and meanwhile there are multiple people above you that are making much more than you, doing a lot less.

Getting angry? Good.

How long have you been at this place? Months? Years?

Meanwhile you’re losing the most valuable commodity you have…


Those years you spent doing work that has zapped you of your energy and passion?

You don’t get them back.

Now’s the time. No more waiting.

You’re going to take action and you’re going to now.

Not sometime today, not tonight, not tomorrow.


Find something that you need to do to move forward and start making your dreams a reality.

Stop reading this and go do it.

If you need permission, you have it, at least from me.

Stop letting your boss make decisions that aren’t in line with your values.

Those decisions don’t benefit you because YOU’RE not the one making them.

Make decisions that benefit YOU.

The first decision is to start doing SOMETHING to get away from that place.

Let me let you in on a little secret.

You’re replaceable.

You may feel like you’re not because you do such a great job there.

You’re replaceable.

You may feel that if you walk away from that place then it’s going to crumble because you helped keep the order.

You’re replaceable.

You may feel like your boss would be broken hearted if you left because you guys have such a good relationship.

You’re replaceable.

You’re a spoke in the wheel. You’re a tool in a big box that can be replaced if it gets lost.

Be irreplaceable.

Wanna know how?

Run your own shit.

Whether it’s your life, business or relationship. Make decisions that benefit yourself and those you look out for.

Stop feeding someone else’s pocket because your dream seems too big, or too hard and start feeding your own.

It’s not hard. The information is out there.

Read it, Understand it, Live it.

Use what you learned to move forward.

Since you kept reading, now you really need to stop and go take action.


Or keep lining your boss’ pockets.

It’s your choice.


Entertain. Educate. Motivate.



(This was originally posted on my blog lifeainthard.com in July of 2015. I found it would be appropriate for our message here at Entedumo as well)