I stepped outside my comfort zone the other night.

There were a pair of girls that work out at my gym that I had never interacted with before.

I had thought about it for weeks, but never took the time to actually go over and say hi.

When I go to the gym, I don’t go to mingle, I go to kick my own ass and go home. I’ve got shit to do.

This particular night though, I decided to go over and say hello.

It was against my better judgement and slightly out of my comfort zone.

Talking to strangers is never easy, no matter what anybody tells you. You never get over that nervous feeling.

But I decided to do it anyway.

I walked over and told the older of the two that I admired the work she put in. I respected the fact that she was in the gym multiple days every week putting in work just as I was.

I told her my name and got hers in return. We shared a mutual respect. I walked away without asking her out, or any kind of personal information from her.

All I wanted to do was introduce myself, and pay her a compliment.

What I learned about that circumstance is this, stepping out of your comfort zone will not kill you.

But I don’t recommend just stepping, I recommend jumping.

If you’re going to commit, go all the way.

It’s not going to kill you to try something new, talk to someone new or do something you’re afraid of.

You’ll feel so much better about yourself afterward because you’ll have proved to yourself that you have not reached your full potential.

Once you realize that, it’s game on.

If you make it a habit of stepping out of your comfort zone daily, you’ll see how much potential you really have.

Don’t doubt your ability, and don’t doubt your potential. You are able to do more than you’re doing at this point.

It’s time to start doing it.

So, tomorrow, when you’re out and about I want you to try something new. I want you to jump outside your comfort zone. Scare yourself. Make a fool of yourself. If you’re embarrassed, even better.

What you’ll learn right afterward was this: You didn’t die.

And if you’ve scared yourself silly doing something huge, doing something small that you still wouldn’t normally do would seem easier.

That’s what we’re going for.

Do it. Jump. Scare Yourself.

Your potential depends on it.


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