Make Life Your Business: How to Find Fulfillment In Your Personal AND Professional Life

This simple and easy-to-read book will show you... How life is more than just what you do outside of your job. That Control is necessary for happiness and success. And that fulfillment comes from the space between your ears!

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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • The REAL Value of Your Time

    And Why Wasting It is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do!

  • You Are A Business Owner

    And The Secrets to Make The Most Out of Your Business In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible

  • How Becoming A Producer Will Save You

    And What The News, Mass Media and Influencers DON’T Want You To Know!

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"This book is a call to action from the first word to the last. Consistently brilliant, in its clarity; persistently engaging, in its pace, and amazingly personal, as if the author's words are wired for sound. Result: My life is not your business. It is mine."

Kevin Fitch Author of "The End Zone: An Ahmad Jones Novel"
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