Make Life Your Business: How to Find Fulfillment In Your Personal AND Professional Life

This simple and easy-to-read book will show you...

  • The key question to ask to increase your productivity, and reduce the amount of tasks on your "to do" list simultaneously...
  •  Where to focus to be more positive and optimistic, and achieve more in the process
  • The number one thinking pattern that creates unhappiness
  • And MUCH more!
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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • The REAL Value of Your Time

    And Why Wasting It is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do!

  • You Are A Salesman

    And The Simplest Way To Become More Influential Overnight!

  • How Making The Major Shift From Consumer To Producer Will Save You

    And What The News, Mass Media and Influencers DON’T Want You To Know!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

"Make Life Your Business by James Peterson introduces a very new concept in the area of personal development, self-care, and business -- the idea that we can actually develop a business attitude towards life. But how is that? How can we make life our business? As I started reading this book, I became painfully aware that most of us invest a lot of energy, emotions, intelligence, and hard work into transforming our businesses much more than we do in connecting with ourselves, and this creates a lot of imbalances that lead to stress in our lives. This book offers a stunning antidote to the question of finding a balance between life and business, and offers strategies and tools that will help readers create space for personal growth which boosts their effectiveness in business and drives success. 

In this book, readers will understand where they need to focus and how to make decisions that can transform their lives and business. The author writes with limpidity and eloquence, sharing insights and wisdom -- his hard-won wisdom -- with readers and showing them that personal change is possible, that it is necessary, and that it can alter their personal and business lives incredibly. I enjoyed the light tone, the clarity in language and expression, and the appealing voice. James Peterson is a great writer and he knows how to communicate his ideas in a way that ordinary readers can appreciate. Make Life Your Business is one of the best self-help and motivational books I have read this year and I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking wisdom, happiness, and meaning."

Arya Fomonyuy

"This book is a call to action from the first word to the last. Consistently brilliant, in its clarity; persistently engaging, in its pace, and amazingly personal, as if the author's words are wired for sound. Result: My life is not your business. It is mine."

Kevin Fitch Author of "The End Zone: An Ahmad Jones Novel"

"I find his advice and guidance to be insightful and pertinent to everyday life circumstances. He emphasizes taking control of your life through careful evaluation of your own actions, rather than searching for an alternate root cause."

Cesar J

"His words are easy to digest, yet at the same time they leave a lasting impression on the minds of readers. Peterson is eloquent and friendly so that the reader gets maximum useful information that he or she can actually apply in their lives and see results. I found this book to be very helpful, easy to read, educational, and interesting."

Rabia Tanveer

"A short but profound book, Make Life Your Business by James Peterson offers readers the tools to transform their lives, improve their level of success and happiness, and embrace a lifestyle with less stress. This is a book about taking control. The question is: taking control of what? In a clear, sympathetic and compelling voice, the author invites the reader to take the journey of self-transformation by developing a specific set of skills that allows them to boost their self-confidence, focus on personal development, and strike the balance between personal life and business. Expressing the strong conviction that the quality of our personal life affects our level of success, the author moves on to show readers how to focus on what matters and what improves their lives, and how to transpose these best practices into their business. 

Make Life Your Business is a book that is well-researched and focused, one of the few books to read if you value your life and business. This book will help readers understand that the more successful they are in building a healthy and positive relationship with themselves, the smaller the gap between their personal life and their business. This book shows readers what they need to focus on, but more importantly, it shows them how to do it. Written in a friendly language, it will have a strong appeal for ordinary readers. The reader immediately notices the confidence of the author through personal anecdotes, relevant and practical examples, and the insightful writing. James Peterson offers the wisdom, tips, and strategies that will help any reader to transform their life."

Ruffina Oserio
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