You’re going to encounter tough times.

You won’t always feel like you’ll be successful.

That’s when you call on the help of the people you call your friends.

They’re supposed to be there when you need them most. Right?

They may be there, but they won’t always be what you want or need.

They may very well be supportive, helpful and encouraging.

You’ll be appreciative and bounce back on your feet.

Other times, the encounter will not be as hope inducing.

You may pour your heart out to your friend, and they will respond in a way that you hadn’t anticipated.

They respond in a way that is defensive and simultaneously attacking.

This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Their model of the world isn’t in line with yours and they are letting you know it.

They’ll use words, vocal tone or body language to convey any number of disagreements.

At this point, you must make a choice.

You can take their criticism, and keep associating with them.

I mean, they’ve been your friend for quite a few years right?

The other option you have is to no longer associate with them.

Why would you leave them behind?

Here’s why: They don’t get it.

They don’t understand. They may figure it out one day, but they most likely never will.

I explained to a friend of mine that I was already working on my second book, during the time my first was being looked over. He almost had an aneurysm.

He said I was “throwing away” the work I had done on my first book. That I’d be unable to focus on both projects. That one should be completed before the other started.

He was explaining his model of the world to me.

He has rules about this area of experience and I wasn’t following them.

I do not share these rules and therefore we ended up in conflict.

This man has been a friend of mine for 15 years. I love him dearly.

I do not see myself spending much time with him in my future.

What gets you to where you are rarely ever gets you to where you want to go.

This is my dilemma and it’s one that I must confront.

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave your past, whatever that means to you, in the past.

I appreciate all the help I have received from him over the years. But now I’m different and so is he.

Keep moving forward. Keep pressing on.

When you’re living your dream, they’ll be bitter and angry.

They’ll miss you underneath all the anger.

That’s not your problem. Keep moving forward.

Some are meant to be left behind.



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