June 9th, 2016. A book comes out that can change the way you communicate and present for the rest of your life. Did you hear about it? I’m assuming not. It wasn’t a highly publicized book. There wasn’t a heard of customers lining the doors of local bookstores to buy it. It didn’t receive a lot of fanfare. It was released, and those who knew about it were able to pick it up.


I learned about Dan Kennedy years ago and at the time, I didn’t really appreciate his work. The reason I didn’t, which I assume is the reason that most people don’t understand him, is that his writing doesn’t include obvious tactics, tricks and skills. He explains what he does, what needs to be accomplished and then shows you how to do it, by doing it. The formula is right in front of your eyes, if you’re willing to look for it.


Just like his previous books, this one follows suit. This one happens to be more forthcoming than many of his previous books, but the Kennedy delivery is still there. So, what can you expect from this book? Let me give you the 5 best points I learned from Speak to Sell…


  1. You need something to speak about. Dan suggests writing a book to speak about because they tend to go hand in hand. I’ve used this idea to book speaking arrangements myself and can attest to it’s truth. Develop an idea, write a book, tell the story of a unique event, share an emotional experience… SOMETHING. No one cares to hear you talk about average anything. It’s too easy to find that in our every day lives. Give people something to escape to for a little while. Then, and only then will you receive ears to hear your message.
  2. The 3X3 Formula. Share three big ideas, with three underlying parts for each big idea. And most importantly: Do NOT teach them how to do what they need to do in the speech. First of all, you can’t really do this anyway. Secondly, if you’re a business person, then this takes away from possible revenue. What you need to do with your topics instead is… “Not creating “understanding” but instead, enough understanding of three areas of relative ignorance and inadequacy and an opportunity to do something more sophisticated and productive…”
  3. One Clear Purpose. Whatever your purpose is for speaking to a group, it needs to be clear and have only a single outcome. It is against your best interest to desire to have your audience like you, pay you, follow you and listen to your recommendations for future behavior. ONE clear purpose is the key to an effective speech. Once you have a clear purpose, you must design your communication around achieving that result. This is about success or failure to achieve your outcome. The best way to do it is to have a SINGLE purpose.
  4. No Guilt Allowed. You cannot feel guilty or remorseful for wanting to earn as much from your talk as possible. If you are not speaking for money, and not selling anything, then you must not feel guilty for establishing yourself as an authority figure and attempting to change someone’s future course of action. If you have decided that you have their best interests at heart, then you can stop at nothing to help them achieve that goal. Whatever it takes is not just a catchy phrase, it’s what must be done to help people when they truly need it most.
  5. Bring the Pain. Most humans are much more motivated by the idea of loss or pain than by the promise of pleasure. People would rather move off of a hot seat than to move towards a comfortable one. We are used to habit, and we like feeling comfortable, even when the pattern of behavior is destructive. Only when we are shown that what we are doing is causing pain we were originally unaware, will we move to behavior that will benefit us more than our previous actions. Do not be afraid to tell, and show people that what they are ignoring or doing in place of other beneficial behavior is causing them massive pain. This is the key to get most to move.

This book is 192 pages. I’ve read it on multiple occasions and still pick it up frequently. Especially when I’m attempting to communicate in a way to make someone take a particular action. This book will be a weapon in your arsenal. If you haven’t picked it up yet, then you have lost out on so much influence, money and success. Do not wait any longer. Pick this book up today.