Every day you must pick up a pen, and put it to paper.

Buy a notebook, buy a nice pen and start to write.

It doesn’t matter what you write.

You just need to write something.

I learned the power of this from a book called “The Accidental Genius” by a guy named Mark Levy.

He wrote in his book about an activity called freewriting.

What that entails is exactly as I mentioned above, grab a pen and start to write.

Only there’s a couple more pieces of the puzzle to put in place.

You do this for a set amount of time, for example, I write for 10 minutes.

You can try 5 to start or go as long as 20. Or until your hand cramps up.

The second part is this, your pen cannot stop moving. Yes, I said pen.

I don’t recommend doing this on a computer. It is much more valuable to write by hand.

The goal here is to get your hand moving as fast as possible and let your brain catch up.

You can write about whatever is going on, and if you can’t think of anything, you write the same word over and over until you think of something else.

What this does, is get your mind to start moving faster.

You’ll start to have insights you haven’t had because your mind is searching.

When you’re mind is searching, and you’re writing without editing, then you come across ideas you’ve never had. Or were too scared to actually write down.

I’ve had a couple of brilliant breakthroughs doing this and I’m excited to explore those breakthroughs further.

“But I’m not a writer!”

You don’t have to be.

All you’re doing is writing what you’re thinking, unedited for 10 minutes without stopping.

No one is going to see this writing except you.

Trust that you’ll discover things about your mind you’ve never come across before. It will happen.

I feel so refreshed once I’ve done a freewriting session because I feel like I’ve gotten my feelings out, my thoughts out, and have more room for new thoughts.

Your thoughts don’t become a reality until you can hold them in your hand. This is the way to do it.

And do it every day.

The only way you can see positive, growing results is to do something every day.

I freewrite daily, and my writing is better for it.

My creativity is better because of it.

One thought has lead to another, which leads to one I’ve never had and has great potential.

As a writer and a creator of value, you yearn for new ways to provide value to people.

It’s amazing that something so simple can make such a drastic change.

You will benefit from doing this. Trust me.

Commit to freewriting for a week. If you don’t see value in it, then stop.

I don’t think you’ll stop. In fact, I know you won’t.

You’ll see the value, and you’ll see just how creative you are.

You’ll be on fire with new ideas, new insights and a new enthusiasm for creation.

Then you’ll be able to tell someone else about this, and set them on fire too.


Entertain. Educate. Motivate.


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