I recently invested in the book “The Miracle Morning.”

I had seen it in the “Suggested for You” section when I browsing on Amazon for quite some time.

I didn’t think that it would be beneficial. I figured that the whole book was written in the name.

Then I finally made the decision to buy it.

I don’t know what caused me to make the decision to finally hand over my money, but I did.

And I found out a few things after I started reading it.

One, was that I underestimated the detail in the book, there’s more than just the name.

The other? Your life is in direct correlation to your routines.

There’s a big difference in life quality between waking up and writing every morning (like i do now), and sleeping in as long as possible (like I used to do).

I used to think that I needed to sleep in until 10am on my days off because I worked “so hard” during the week. I used to think I was tired, and needed the sleep.

The Miracle Morning suggests that you wake up an hour earlier than you normally would for your regular day to set up your day for success.

So not only do I have to get up early, but even earlier than I normally would on a regular day.

But I promised myself that I would wake up early for a week, and continue if I saw value from doing it.

The system created by author Hal Elrod has numerous different parts to it, but I didn’t need to follow the whole routine to start seeing major changes in my life.

I didn’t have a morning routine before this. I’d wake up slowly, sometimes check my phone, or hit the snooze button. I never considered getting things done before 8am.

The morning routine Hal designed consisted of things like Silence, Exercise and Reading.

There were certain activities that I was planning on accomplishing and if I had done the whole routine, I wouldn’t have found time to work on what I wanted.

So, I modified the routine and made one of my own. And the results have been eye opening.

I set my alarm for 6:30am. I immediately get out of bed, kneel next to my bed to pray, drink 8oz of water, and then walk to my computer and start to write.

After doing this routine for one whole week, I’ve been able to get 10,000 words written. I’ve got a head start on a major project that I had been trying to figure out when I was going to have time to work on.

I have to say that The Miracle Morning is no joke.

But I also have to say something else.

You are your routines.

It’s really your routines that define your life.

If you feel like your life is not going according to your dreams, look no further than your routines.

The things that you do on a consistent basis, are what’s most important to you.

If you have a habit or routine of going to work, coming home and playing video games or watching tv, then your life will be in direct correlation to that. You won’t be any more prosperous because you’re not doing anything of value outside of your day job.

Habits make things easy. Consistency improves skill.

I highly encourage you to pick up The Miracle Morning. (I am not an affiliate of Hal’s or his book, I can just honestly recommend it)

I also highly encourage you to look at your habits, and figure out which ones you want to create.

Only when you develop habits that move you toward your goals will you see yourself getting closer to them on a daily basis.

I’ll be continuing my morning routine for the foreseeable future.

Will you?


Entertain. Educate. Motivate.



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